Do you feel comfortable in those pair of shoes you just bought for work? And how about those sneakers that you love to wear but your feet hate them due to narrower front? See, buying the right shoe pays you in many ways and if you take it as a normal activity then your feet suffer. Folks at Harvard’s Research Center have made some fascinating discoveries about the feet and their friends (or maybe foes) the shoes. So we thought to give our readers some pro tips about purchasing the right shoe that not only fits naturally but provides that TOP-OF-THE-WORLD feeling when they walk. So here are our top 8 tips that would really help you in picking the best pair of shoes for any event.

Tip # 1:

The first one in our list of top 10 shoe purchasing tips is about letting your feet find their comfort zone. Yes, the comfort zone as we people find when going to new places sometimes. According to scientists the feet are in their best shape during the afternoons as they are neither too soft from the sleep nor too hard after all day’s parade. So when you go to purchase yourself a pair of shoes, afternoon is the best time.

Tip # 2:

Do you measure your feet size? Well you should every time when you go out to purchase new pair of shoes for any purpose. The reason, or maybe reasons, for measuring your feet during the time of purchase is that they grow with us over time. Secondly, some people tend to have different measurement of each foot so it’s wise to ensure you’re buying the shoes that fit well onto your feet and won’t fight with the toes.


Tip # 3:

Here’s a rule of thumb (or maybe rule of toe)! Never purchase a pair of shoe that fits perfectly and has no gap between its boundary and your skin. Yes, there should be at least a space of half inch or a little bit more between your shoe and the area beneath the ankle. And the reason is when you’ll stand up to take your first step, you might feel your feet are grabbed into shackles instead of those lovely pair of shoes.

Tip # 4:

Are you the one that trusts on the advertisements instead of trying things by themselves? Here’s the tip, don’t be one! The reason is that every manufacturer has already set different parameters of shoe sizes. Let say you wear a shoe having number 41 and the one that you’re about to purchase does have the number 41 on it but it is smaller in comparison with your foot size. This will result in disappointment so always try the shoes before putting your cash out at the counter.

Tip # 5:

So tell me, do you prefer design of durability or you consider every aspect of a shoe? This is important as a shoe having thin sole might not withstand against a sharp substance that you press under your feet. Or maybe the sole is perfect but the steps are of poor quality or the shine will vanish away sooner. Look deeper in terms of these elements to ensure that you are going to purchase a pair of shoes that is durable along with being trendy.

Tip # 6:

Speaking of the design factor, here are some more things to look for when you go out shopping a pair of shoes. Be very specific for the kind of shoes you intend to purchase. Are you looking for shoes to go a party having formal dress code? Is it for the work or maybe you’d want to wear them on casual occasions. So what kind of shoes you’re exactly looking for? Ask these questions before you leave for a shoe outlet or navigate an online store.

Tip # 7:

Here’s our tip # 7 which is to wearing your regular socks when trying a new pair of shoe. It helps you in picking the right pair of shoes that not only fits naturally but also befriend with your socks. Imagine you pick a shoe that is either too small or too big and later you find little irritation while walking or sitting or standing (or doing anything). So…wear your regular socks when trying new pair of shoes.

Tip # 8:

Do you care about your toes? Yes, I’m talking about those two big fingers in your feet that you sometimes move when sitting idle in your work chair or while thinking about that ‘someone’ special that is…anyhow. When you go out purchasing a pair of shoes, make sure that its front is wider and bigger enough for the toes to remain comfortable. See, if you ignore this part, your toes will feel like thrust into a narrow hole when you wear such kind of shoes. And I’m pretty sure that you’re not that cruel to your toes, are you?

We hope you’ll find these tips useful when you set on a voyage to find the shoes that are your “foot-mate” and will remain with you for a longer period of time. If you’re in a hurry, you may check our catalogue to find a pair of shoes for your pair of feet by clicking here.

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