The winter is already here with its chilling nights and cold blowing air during the day. And this is the perfect season to cover your torso with a leather jacket to add up some hunky element in your personality, isn’t it? Leather jackets compliment the personality of a male wearer in perfect way in every age. Since you’ve realized the importance of owning a leather jacket, this is the time that you should master the art of buying one that perfectly goes according to your taste. Whether you own a couple of leather jackets already or it’s your first time to pick one that would make your appearance more charming and attractive, this post is a must read.

Understanding Different Jacket Types

Before we go about discussing the pro tips to buy a perfect leather jacket for yourself this winter season, it’s better to familiarize yourself with few of the types. There are too many leather jackets to choose from but we don’t want to confuse you so the list is precise and only mentions the ones that could be called ‘the classics’.

Cafe Racer Jacket:

When it comes to biker jackets, one wouldn’t want to miss adding cafe racer leather jacket into men’s wardrobe. Developed in early 60’s this attire was linked to the staple of hunks that love to ride their wheels on the road. Over the time cafe racer leather jackets received multiple alterations in their aesthetics but the basics didn’t change since then that give the wearer a sense of confidence and elegance while riding the bike.


Biker Jacket:

Some call it motorcycle leather jacket and other have coined ‘biker jacket’ to refer this piece of attire when speaking of most trendy outfits for the men. The design of a biker leather jacket would usually contain a shirt style collar, studs on both shoulders and a zipper stitched unevenly in comparison to simple leather jackets. What make it the choice of many aspiring bikers are the premium leather quality and the finest inner lining which is there to give you a comfortable feel while you put it on.

Bomber Jacket:

This type of leather jacket was first developed to save fighter pilots from the coldest temperature above the clouds during world wars. And this is the reason it is called bomber leather jacket that links to the brave soldiers who used to wear it. However it is termed as ‘Bomber Leather Jacket’ in general but it has further types differentiated by the names. The identity of a bomber leather jacket is that it ends at your waistline and usually has longer sleeves.

Fencing Jacket:

If you’re looking to add a stylish leather jacket into your wardrobe with some vintage effects then you really need to consider the fencing leather jacket that just serves the purpose. The jacket has a full collar with asymmetric zipper stitched on the front side and a large pocket on outer side of the jacket. The jacket also offers you an inside pocket and the shiny leather is just what makes it different from other jacket types.

Varsity Jacket:

Varsity jackets are quite popular in people that tend to dress casual and revive the era of 70’s. Basically the name ‘varsity’ is a contraction of the word university and the design of such jackets are famous to refer the students in early 70’s. They usually have a very similar patter with exception of colors and typography on back and upper right side of the front. They have a very small collar, elastic sleeves and waist with two pockets on each side.


Selecting the best leather jacket is not just about stepping into the shop or hovering over the products online to buy a random staple only to repent later. Don’t forget that buying a perfect leather jacket is an art that very few have mastered but it can be learned if you don’t know that already. If you want to invest in a leather jacket that would become your legacy in coming days, you need to consider few things that would leverage your selection skills. There are different set of rules but we’ve kept them to these three only so read on and learn how to pick the best leather jacket for you.


As a rule of thumb, you should never purchase a leather jacket that is way too large or small for your body. Always check if it fits naturally and if it doesn’t then you may always move forward to try another one. See, if you ignore the fitting aspect then you’re going to invest in a wrong leather jacket that isn’t meant for your body. Too loose or too tight either way the idea of wearing such a jacket is a disaster so you need to purchase the jacket that fits you perfectly.


Ask yourself what kind of leather jacket you would want to wear and be very specific about its material. If you want it to be made of sheepskin, premium leather or faux leather and what else do you wish to see in your leather jacket? Every human being is different than the other so the material used in the manufacturing impacts on your decision to purchase a leather jacket.


The third and the most important thing to look into a leather jacket is its type. Is it a bomber, a retro style jacket or a faux leather jacket that you wish to wear on for a particular event? Recheck the event that you’re headed to or even if it’s for casual usage but this question would help you a lot in picking the best leather jacket that suits the situation of the place later you’ll visit.

Don’t Forget Body Measurement

When we talk about buying a leather jacket, we should keep certain things in mind that connect with the accurate body measurement. Imagine, you pick a jacket that has your favorite color, style and even the price is perfect according to your budget. But once you wear it on, it brings nothing but disappointment due to uneven size and makes you look small (or maybe oddly bigger). So the first thing that you need to do while buying a leather jacket for yourself is to make sure you know the exact measurement of every inch of your torso from shoulders to back and arms to neck. Follow these tips to measure your body to find a perfect leather jacket for you.


Starting with your neck area, get a measuring tape and hold one end of it in one hand and place it around your neck. Be very gentle when measuring the neck and try not to press it around very tightly. For your ease, you may place a finger between the tape and your neck to get accurate measurement for the jacket. Note it down or remember the total measurement in inches and you’re done.


When measuring your chest area for the leather jacket, don’t put the tape very high near the neck or below the nipple area. The tape should be right beneath the armpits while you’re taking measurements. One very important thing is to not hold your breath while taking measurement of your chest as it will provide an inaccurate figure. Just stay normal and note the number of your chest measurements. Again, placing a finger between tape and chest area would be a wise practice for an accurate measurement.


While measuring the waist area, don’t confuse it with the area where you put the pants on and keep the tape a little higher than that place. Place the tape horizontally around your back and stomach area and put a finger in between to avoid taking very tight measurement which would be inaccurate and uncomfortable for you later. Keep in mind that when measuring waist area for jacket, it should be measured from underneath the chest area above the naval.


Shoulder measurement is totally different than we measure our chest and waist. You don’t need to place the tape around your shoulders as the back side would be enough. Just place one end of the tap at the corner of either of the shoulder’s end and go all the way across the other end of the shoulder.


Sleeve measurement is almost like measuring the shoulders but with slight changes in the rules. Place one end of your measuring tape at the shoulder’s joint attaching your arm with it and move rest of the tape across the arm downwards to the wrist area. Be mindful that your arm is straight and not bent over while you take measurements.

Help fellow readers by sharing your ‘pro tips’ in the comment section below when they make their first purchase from our extensive range of leather jacket collection.

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