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We welcome you to NOVADOONLINE also referred to as “we”, “us”, “website” or simply “NOVADOONLINE”. This online store is a house of trendy fashion products and these are the terms and conditions that describe your access, usage and responsibility as the respected user of the website along other sub-domains, sites, mobile based apps or services that are intellectual property of NOVADOONLINE. NOVADOONLINE is owned and run by Nova Online (Pvt.) Ltd and this user agreement is effective upon your usage of this website and you, as a user of this website, should acknowledge your acceptance of these terms before commencing your navigation.

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NOVADOONLINE offers a wide range of fashion products ranging from slippers, shoes, Sandals, leather bags, leather accessories, leather jackets and textile jackets for both men and women on affordable prices. We provide free shipping for domestic (conditions apply) as well as international orders (actual shipping rates apply) and also offer customer orders on requests. Please note that prices mentioned on each product may different in case you use promotion code or purchase an item during a festival. For all price related issues and concerns with shipping and delivery, you may refer to our ‘Shipping & Return’ section to find a satisfactory answer of your query.


This agreement sets the terms and conditions that apply for the usage of this website ‘NOVADOONLINE’ by the end user ‘YOU’. By using this site, you agree to comply with below mentioned terms and conditions. You hold the right to use this website on your personal responsibility that is not transferable to any other person or institution. You are responsible for protecting the information that is of personal nature such as name, contact number, email address or any password that you use to create an account. The site does not claim any responsibility in case of data loss either for internet problem or otherwise. It is site’s right to keep the contents up and running for 24/7 but it is not liable to provide continued service in case of maintenance or otherwise. You acknowledge the understanding of any interruption caused by any internal or external problem that is out site’s operations in future. The site also remains the right change, stop or add any particular service or its feature in future.


You’d be required to register an account for availing some feature of this website if you wish to make purchases and want us to process your orders in desired manner. You are required to register an account using your real credentials that are true, accurate, complete and current in all aspects while registering an account with us to continue your usage.

If any or all part of the provided information is wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or not current in any way as described in these policies, we hold the right to freeze your account and restrict you from continuing your usage in future upon finding any such issues with your personal information. You may notify us by writing at support@novadoonline.com in case of any addition, amendments or changes made to your provided credentials to keep yourself safe from such instances as mentioned above. By using this website, you acknowledge the liability of securing your personal information such as password, bank details or any other sensitive piece of information and we do not hold any liability with respect to loss of data.

You also agree to accept the responsibility of any transactions made from your registered account and any dispute rising in response to misuse of your account either by a family member, friend or any third party or otherwise in which site is not held responsible for the loss. Upon finding such activity, we ask you to log out of your account immediately or change your password to prevent such instances to take place. We remain the right to change these terms at any given time without any prior notice or refuse to provide you service, terminate your account or remove/edit contents from time to time.


For requesting a purchase order on NOVADOONLINE, you are requested to provide certain information to complete your request that includes your real name, phone number, email address and a physical address to deliver the ordered product to you. You’re also requested to provide us your bank details, credit/debit card or other required information that you represent and also state that the provided information is correct and valid to process your order and you confirm that the person referred therein the provided billing information is you, yourself.

Our service is only available to those individuals or other parties that comply with our “Terms & Conditions” stated here under, who have been issued a valid credit/debit card by a bank or have a working bank account number acceptable by NOVADOONLINE with an authorization to process a charge (or charges) on their credit/debit card the amount of their total purchases against the requested item as listed on our website. By using our website, you agree to purchase each item for your personal usage or gifting others and would not indulge in any reselling activity that is not authorized by NOVADOONLINE. Please note that we remain the right to restrict the quantity of purchases at the time of purchase if you found indulged in above mentioned activities.

Your request identifies your authorization of NOVADOONLINE to perform certain operations such as checking your personal information as mentioned on your credit/debit card to validate your sole ownership of provided details.

We also remain the right to perform further activities using the provided information such as conducting appropriate antifraud checks as the information may be shared for a credit reference with a fraud prevention agency that keeps the records of all credit/debit card holders.

You may find further details on our ‘Privacy Policy’ section for all the arising queries.


Please be advised that all the requested orders are subject to acceptance and availability and the items that you put into your basket for checkout are not reserved and can be purchased by other users.

NOVADOONLINE lists the products that are available in stock and ready for dispatch against your requested orders in our warehouse. Please be noted that you may face some delay in your order’s arrival in case of late delivery from manufacturing that cause the delay sometimes. You may also be asked for making advanced payment against your requested items to deliver the products on priority in comparison to other orders. By agreeing our “Terms & Conditions” you also agree that timely deliveries are only possible by uninterrupted supply of the ready products and may be delayed for certain reasons either internally or an external issue that is out of reach to be resolved immediately. But we do our best to resolve all the rising issues and make your deliveries in timely manners.

Please be noted that all the orders are subject to availability and quality check of that particular batch upon receipt of the stock. If we find any problem in the stock, we remain the right to stop the process temporarily to fix the issue until it is up to our manufacturing standards. This rule is applicable for all the customers either they made advanced payments, customers on waiting lists or otherwise. In such circumstances, you’d refund all your advanced payment made by credit/debit card within 30 days after notifying you about the issues if we fail to provide the product. If you’ve registered an email address then a notification email would be sent to you regarding the status of your order as well.

We keep all the transactional records for up to 1 year that can be used for resolving any claims made by our valued customers.

Order Acceptance

As you place an order against the listed item(s) here on NOVADOONLINE, an email notification will be sent to you for updating you about the acceptance of your order. The email usually contains the details of the placed orders, delivery time and payment method. Please be noted that the contract between you and NOVADOONLINE is in English language which is the standard communication language between businesses here in Pakistan and around the globe.

It is to inform you that we may refuse to accept your order in certain circumstances as mentioned here in this section. We remain the right to cancel your order in case you fail to make payments, if we are out of stock or having problems with respect to courier services or the address that you have provided etc.

Apart from that, we may also refuse to accept your order and complete the transaction for other reasons without being liable to provide you any reason for service disconnection. We are not liable to provide our products to you if it is out of stock, removed from our list permanently or otherwise.


As a valued customer of NOVADOONLINE, you hold the right to request a cancellation order against the purchases. Upon receiving your cancellation request, we may accept it and refund your payments after excluding a certain amount as part of our cancellation policy. We may accept your request for cancelling the order if you make this request within the 24 hours of order placement. Please be noted that we will communicate the deduction amount to you via email as soon as we grant the request.

Please note that we only process cancellation requests that have been made within 24 hours of order placement and once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse, we are not liable to accept your request to cancel the order. In such circumstances, you may reach out to our customer care and describe the reasons to request a refund against your purchases.


All the prices that are listed here on NOVADOONLINE are in Pakistani currency by default and are inclusive of applicable taxes for each product. For all the customers that are ordering a product from within the Pakistan may calculate the actual cost of their order in local currency and those requesting a product outside of Pakistan may convert the cost in their currency. Please be noted that you may be asked to pay for additional charges such as courier fee or carriage etc in certain cases.


You may pay by COD (Cash on Delivery) method if you wish to purchase something from our listed products here on NOVADOONLINE. We use best courier services that usually deliver the product within 3-7 business days in case of domestic orders and all the international orders take 5-7 business days tenure for completion depend on the region/country, courier company and their services.

We accept payments via debit/credit cards that are shown on our website from time to time and you can use this medium only if you’re the owner of the card or specifically authorized to use the card for online purchases. Please be advised that we would not be held responsible in case of delay if the used debit/credit card refuses to process the charge against your order. We may use your provided information to validate the ownership of your debit/credit card in case of any unpleasant event.

For keeping your buying experience uninterrupted and comfortable, NOVADOONLINE uses SSL certificate that prevents unpleasant instances to occur when you decide to pay via credit/debit card on the website.

Other than that, we also take into account all possible means to keep your sensitive information secure during the checkout process. You may find more details on our “Privacy Policy” section regarding the security measurements that we take to keep our respected users secure from such instances.

Promotion Codes

We offer promotional codes from time to time with respect to regional events. Please be noted that these promotional codes are not transferable to another person nor do they hold any cash value. You cannot sell out, replace or use expired promotion codes to claim a product on discounted price. A promotional code is only valid if used within the specified duration of the running promotion and you have the right to place order on discounted price according to that promotion. For further information with respect to usage of promotion codes, you may write us at support@novadoonline.com.

Shipping Charges

NOVADOONLINE may deliver your domestic as well as international orders as long as it falls in our shipping coverage. All the prices against our listed products are inclusive of applicable taxes and shipping costs but you may be asked to pay for additional courier charges in certain cases. Please be noted that shipping charges vary from city to city and country to country and any addition in your purchases would be notified to you via email that we usually send out when your order is ready for dispatch.

For further details on our shipping and return policy, you may refer to our ‘Shipping & Return’ section to have a more clear idea about your queries.

Insurance & Delivery

We insure your order from the moment of dispatch until it is delivered safely at the provided shipping address. We require your signature upon receiving your package as a proof of process completion and as a gesture that you take full responsibility of delivered package from that point on by signing the shipping documents. NOVADOONLINE requires the signature to conclude the order has been delivered safely either at your address or at the provided address to the person that you intend to please with a gift with one of our products.

Obtaining customer signature upon delivery is a by default requirement by our policy that you should comply to avoid any unpleasant instance. If you fail to sign the shipping documents for any reason, we have a right to place the package at the given address and we would not be held responsible for any loss that you may face later if the package is damaged, misplaced or otherwise found in poor conditions. Our responsibility ends upon delivering the package at the given address and it is your duty to receive it and acknowledge the receipt through your signature.

Please be advised that all the orders are processed to be dispatched within 24-48 hours of your request and the shipment duration should be counted from the dispatch day. In case of late delivery of your package, you may refer to your Order ID as stated in email notification when speaking to our customer service.

Returns & Exchanges

We are liable to process your returns or exchange requests against faulty, low quality or products have size issues. However, there are certain instances where we would not accept any request against your order if you fail to comply with our ‘Shipping & Returns’ policy.

You may find more details on our ‘Shipping & Return’ section regarding your queries for exchange/return or refund requests.

Communication Exchange

As part of our privacy policy, we use your email address that you register with us during account making process which is only used for communication purposes within you and us from time to time.

While using NOVADOONLINE, you give us consent to send out emails about new products, any latest news about our company or communicate the details your purchases. We may communicate with you via email or by other electronic mediums as stated here on this section either to update you about the pending purchases, confirm the status of your orders that is in process or otherwise.

However, if you wish to opt out of our newsletter subscription, you may do so by unsubscribing yourself by clicking on the option available in every newsletter.

Limitation of Liability

By the usage of NOVADOONLINE or any other activity that you perform on the site, you should understand that you have no right to held the company liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or exemplary damage or loss. Neither the company nor any of its associates, employees, subsidiaries or affiliates is liable to be held responsible for the losses that occur to you during the process as you’re responsible to prevent any unpleasant instance during the time you navigate, search, purchase or request anything from the company on this site. You expressly admit that you are responsible for any act involving personal loss, damage or unpleasant event and will not held company responsible for misconduct or carelessness on your part.

Intellectual Property Rights



As mentioned in ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ above, “Content” is defined as every piece of information that you may see on our website including, but not limited to, visual graphics, text, photographs, illustration, sounds, music, video/audio files or logos. We try our best to ensure the information as mentioned above is accurate and complete in every nature but we do not claim it to be accurate or complete as you may find some glitches or errors with respect the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of presented information.

While visiting the website, if you find any need of replacement with respect to presented content in part of full then we are not responsible for covering any costs that occur in account of replacement. We or any of our associate maintain no responsibility with respect to content, software text, graphics, and links or downloads that you discover on the site. You are responsible for any consequences occurred during your usage of the website and the company holds no obligation or responsibility with respect to any physical, financial or emotional loss of the user.

All the opinions are the viewpoint of their respect authors that you find in our blog section and NOVADOONLINE holds no responsibility with respect to their authenticity, accuracy or legitimacy in any respect. When sharing any graphical or visual data, you grant us the right to use that data for republication purposes and we do not hold any liability of copyright or infringement for using that data as part of our content policy.

No Commercial Usage

The website ‘NOVADOONLINE’ is only for your personal, non-commercial usage. You are not allowed to copy, distribute, transmit, display modify or perform any reproduction or publish any of its contents as listed above. We do not allow any user to reuse our content for reselling or other commercial purposes as if found involved in such activities, a legal action would be taken against them for advertising the content for the sake of profit.


By using the website, you agree not to indulge yourself in any prohibited activities that violate our “Terms & Conditions” and that you use this website on your own responsibility as we do not take any liability for any risk or loss by your usage of this website. We hold the right to restrict or completely ban you from the site or any specific section if you are found in prohibited activities as mentioned above that violate our policies. You’re allowed to use this website solely on your own risk and until you abide by the terms and conditions described in this section otherwise we have no other option than banning your account, purchases or IP address if you fail to comply with these policies.

You’re not allowed to collect information of other users that includes names, comments or other data for commercial purposes as if found, we remain the right to take strict action against you according to applicable law.

Third Party

We may add hyperlinks that lead you to other websites that are either our associates or advertisers. However, do not check their contents before allowing them to place a link and are not responsible for any content that lacks legitimacy, accuracy, completeness or otherwise. If you wish to check their contents, you may do so but on your own responsibility as we do not endorse any of them nor we accept any responsibility in case of physical, financial or emotional loss that you face by navigating other websites.

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